Mail Clients for MAC Users

Microsoft has managed to short-change users with Outlook Express for the Mac. All versions after v4.5 fail to provide support for SSL and Authentication, both of which are necessary for secure messaging. Further, the latest versions even fail to support personal certificates for S/MIME.

Microsoft demonstrates a total lack of concern for Mac users regarding these issues. Microsoft states that, even though their Windows clients continue to provide support for SSL and Authentication, their attention was focused upon other, more pressing, areas.

Entourage is nothing more than a bad port of Outlook to the Mac platform, and also lacks support for SSL and Authentication. If you haven't upgraded to Outlook 5+ or Entourage, please don't. If you already have, or do so in the future, you will NOT be able to access your SecureNym mail.

Eudora 5.1 has been an option for Mac users, but recently announced security vulnerabilities in openSSL necessitated changes in SSL. This has created timeout problems for Eudora users, regardless of platform. Eudora will work, but not without some annoying timeout errors.

Netscape 7+ is an option, although not ideal. Mozilla does not presently support SSL, due to the Mac keyring issue.

PowerMail seems to fill the need for a reliable, well featured, Mac mail client. We have tested PowerMail, and have found it to be very acceptable. PowerMail supports SSL, authentication, and PGP. You can download PowerMail 4.0 for 30 day trial, or purchase a registration key here.


If you have any questions, please feel free to write us at: SecureNym