New Account Instructions

Business clients with multiple email accounts should click here for more information.

All other users should follow these instructions.

Please note that SecureNym uses a cookie to set a session variable, so you must enable at least single session cookies to navigate the main site. This cookie does not ask for any information from your computer, and is not stored after log out.

1. From your web browser, go to

2. You will be asked to enter your Account Key in the appropriate area. You may cut and paste it (use Ctrl+C), or enter it from the keyboard. Be sure to enter the key exactly as it was sent to you.

CAUTION: Once your key has been entered and accepted, it is no longer valid and may not be used again. For this reason, it is necessary to complete the entire account creation process without ANY interuption.

3. When your key has been entered, you will be taken to the area where you need to give your account a name. Whatever name you enter here will be the name that appears on your messages (ie Enter only the name of your account, and do NOT enter

CAUTION: Do NOT use special characters in your user name or password. Only alpha/numeric characters are allowed, and your user name MUST be all lower case. Passwords may contain both upper and lower case as well as numbers.

4. Next, you will need to choose a password. Be sure that your password is one you can remember, but not one easily guessed. Birthdates, phone numbers, nicknames, and social security numbers are NOT good choices. Your passcode WILL be case sensitive.

IMPORTANT: Because SecureNym maintains no user records, there is absolutely no way to verify an account's ownership or password. It is incumbent upon the user to remember both, and failure to do so cannot be remedied by SecureNym.

5. When you've done this, click on 'submit'. In the event your choice for the account name is already taken, you will be prompted for another name.

6. When your name and password are entered, you will be sent to the home page at SecureNym.

7. From here, click on 'Login'. A login screen will appear and you should now enter the name and password you just created. When you login successfully, a 'welcome' message will appear.

8. The next step is to configure your mail client for SecureNym, or you may check mail using the 'Webmail' feature on the menu. You may also access Webmail directly at

An extensive set of help pages are available from the menu bar by clicking 'FAQ'. These will graphically guide you through the features at SecureNym.