SecureNym for Business Users

SecureNym offers turnkey solutions for secure outsourced e-mail.

Selecting SecureNym as your e-mail provider will allow domain named users to retain existing domain name identities. SecureNym business e-mail also provides greatly increased security for messaging both within and outside of the domain.

SecureNym can eliminate the possibility of messages being used in future legal cases. When properly configured, even messages archived on other servers cannot be decrypted by any outside party.

Business users may choose to archive, or not to archive, messages. Archived messages may be fully encrypted, with only the person(s) authorized by the business having the key(s) to decrypt.

SecureNym domain named e-mail services allow business users to send and receive mail from virtually anywhere, using any connection, without sacrificing security.

Most popular mail clients are compatible with SecureNym, and mail is also accessable via a web interface.

SecureNym is transparent to both sender and recipient.

Full support is provided, with preconfigured mail client packages available if desired.


For business e-mail questions and solutions, please contact SecureNym.